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5 Reasons To Grill With Propane

Posted: May 18, 2021

gas grill installation massachusettsMay is National Barbecue Month! How are you planning on grilling in your Massachusetts backyard? If you’ve been using briquettes—or anything besides propane—take a look at these five reasons to rethink your approach to grilling. Propane offers the following benefits—and more!

  1. It creates a reduced carbon footprint. Propane burns more cleanly than charcoal. In fact in one grilling session, charcoal releases nearly double the carbon monoxide that propane releases. In addition, when the food you’re grilling drips into the grill, it’s more likely to create a flareup on charcoal, which releases chemicals that lead to smog.
  2. It’s convenient. When you light your propane grill, it’s an instantaneous event—and the grill reaches your desired cooking temperature pretty immediately. You don’t have to worry about any mess or other concerns from lighter fluid, and you don’t have to clean up ashes or briquettes.
  3. Your food will be healthier. The chemicals in charcoal briquettes may help them ignite without issue, but those chemicals can also find their way into the food you’re serving. Avoid this scenario altogether by using propane to fuel your grill—for National Barbecue Month and beyond! Let us know if you need a propane delivery.
  4. Heat control is up to the grill master! When you cook with a propane grill, you can get incredibly precise with your cooking temperature. This explains why most pro chefs prefer to do their outdoor—and often indoor as well—cooking with propane.
  5. Your food will taste better. When you’re cooking with quality ingredients, it’s worth it to take the extra step and cook with a propane grill. While having more control over your cooking temperature is important for making sure the food is cooked properly, it also makes all the difference in terms of taste. That’s right: This easy change can make the difference between a good meal and an amazing meal!

Do you have a bulk propane tank? If so, we can run a line to the grill box and attach the grill directly to it. No more trips for tank refills and no running out in the middle of cooking dinner!

If you need a propane delivery, let us know. And of course, if you have questions about the equipment we service and sell, our reliable team is here for you! Contact us today.