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Propane Tank Monitoring

Propane Tank Monitoring for greater Worcester

End worries about run-outs with a propane tank monitor from Pioneer Oil and Propane!

The propane professionals at Pioneer Oil and Propane work hard to make sure our customers have the propane they need, when they need it, without running out.

But, in some cases, that can be a bit of a challenge. Some customers may have ancillary heat sources, so their propane usage doesn’t fit consistent patterns. Some may have added more propane appliances to their home, like a propane stove, a propane fireplace, a propane water heater, a propane clothes dryer or a propane pool heater (which is a BIG user of propane, by the way). Other customers may have increased propane usage when the kids come home from college, or an elderly parent moves in. Some of our customers are away for extended periods in the winter, which means their propane usage can be irregular.

Any of these factors can make our careful method of calculating degree days and your average fuel usage for scheduling a propane delivery a little less reliable when it comes to how much propane you’re actually using.

But for this issue, Pioneer Oil and Propane has a solution: remote wireless propane tank monitoring!

What is remote wireless propane tank monitoring?

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Remote wireless propane tank monitoring is a game-changer when it comes to managing your propane usage and preventing propane run-outs, as well as the worry, hassle and expense that goes with a run-out.

Our calculations, using degree days and your average usage of propane, work very well. But remote propane tank monitoring tracks your actual propane usage. And it also sends Pioneer Oil and Propane an alert so we know when it’s time to schedule a propane delivery to your home.

Pioneer Oil and Propane customers can now use Tank Utility remote wireless propane tank monitors.

We’ll always know exactly how much propane is in your propane tank with Tank Utility remote propane tank monitoring. And so will you, because you can check your propane tank levels any time of day or night, 365 days a year, with the Tank Utility smartphone app! The Tank Utility app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Here’s what Tank Utility remote wireless propane tank monitoring does for you:

Pioneer Oil and Propane is the reliable propane provider in central Massachusetts, from Dudley to Devens. Our propane professionals will be happy to tell you more about our Tank Utility remote propane tank monitor and how you can get it for your tank. Contact us today!