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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Pioneer Oil and Propane

The following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) here intend to guide the customer regarding delivering products and services. While the Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, changes to Terms and Conditions will be communicated to our customers by updating this posting. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms for changes that may impact you periodically.

Fuel and Service Pricing
Fuel Rates – Unless you enter into a capped or fixed pricing agreement, you agree to pay the Company’s price per gallon in effect when you place an order or those customers on Automatic deliveries, on the date of delivery. This price is set at Company’s discretion and includes, among other things, taxes, costs to procure the propane, freight, and transportation. The customer’s price per gallon may vary depending upon the volume you purchase, customer classification, propane tank ownership, and competitive conditions. We encourage you to contact your local Company office to discuss which pricing options may be best for your needs and receive current pricing information, as prices change frequently and without prior notice.

Service Rates – Unless the customer enters into a signed, quoted service agreement, service will be provided at current service rates. The customer agrees to pay the prevailing rates at the time service was performed. We encourage customers to contact their local Company office to discuss which service options best fit their needs and receive current pricing information, as prices change frequently and without prior notice.

General Information

General Information represents the most common information requested by customers. Areas described may not be complete or comprehensive. Please contact your local Company office if further information is required.

Propane Specific Terms
Term – Term is the time the customer has agreed to maintain service with the Company. If the customer did not sign a supply contract, the initial term will be one year from the date you began service with Company. Terminations of service before completion of the initial term for any reason whatsoever will be considered default and subject to early termination fees.

General Provision – The Company will loan and provide a propane storage tank or cylinder, regulator(s), and related equipment (“Loaned Equipment”). In the interest of safety, the customer will not allow anyone to make any adjustments, connections, or disconnections to the Loaned Equipment or remove or pump-out the Loaned Equipment without our written permission. The customer will notify the Company immediately if the Loaned Equipment may be damaged, malfunctions or any problems are experienced. The customer agrees that if the residence is sold, the customer will notify the Company at least thirty (30) days in advance and inform the buyer that Loaned Equipment is owned by the Company. Only propane sold by the Company will be used with Loaned Equipment. Loaned Equipment will at all times remain the property of Company and will not become a fixture or a part of real property.

Access to Equipment – Company will have an irrevocable right to enter the customer’s property without prior notice for deliveries of propane, servicing or removal of Loaned Equipment, and the customer agrees to provide Company with safe and unimpeded access to it, including but not limited to, access free of ice, snow, water, and other hazards. The customer will mark and identify the location of septic systems, leach pits, underground ponds, and similar underground features should that be required as a result of the Company’s service of its equipment. The customer also agrees to promptly surrender to Company all Loaned Equipment upon the termination of service.

Other Fees and Charges
The Company may apply other fees and charges depending on the services requested and required. The fees and charges described below are the most frequently assessed, but additional fees and charges may apply depending on the services rendered. Please contact your local office for specific questions and updated amount information. THE FEES LISTED BELOW ARE NOT GOVERNMENT IMPOSED, NOR IS ANY PORTION OF THEM PAID TO ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. THESE FEES MAY OFFSET COSTS INCURRED BY THE COMPANY AS THE RESULT OF COMPLYING WITH CODES AND LAW . COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ITS FEES, RATES, AND CHARGES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.