Heating tune-up

Do I Need a Heating System Tune-Up Every Year?

Now that fall is here, it’s time to ask that annual burning question (see what we did there? Heating humor!): will my furnace or boiler be up to the challenge of another Massachusetts winter?

Myths and facts

Propane Myths and Facts

Even though propane has been heating homes for more than a century, it’s still a fuel that’s misunderstood by many people – which is a shame, considering all the incredible things that propane can do for you in your Central Massachusetts home.

Bad thermostat

How Do You Know If a House Thermostat Is Bad?

Your central heating system is the brain of the heating system in your Massachusetts home, controlling the way your furnace or boiler work and sensing your indoor environment to keep it at a comfortable temperature for you.

Examining house vent

Why Is There No Air Coming from Vents in My House?

If you have forced air heating (a system with a furnace and ducts rather than a boiler with baseboards or radiators) in your Worcester-area home, then one of the most common problems you will encounter is low airflow.

Furnace smell

Why Does My Furnace Smell Funny?

Fall is fast approaching, and before you know it your furnace will be hard at work keeping your family warm and safe in your Massachusetts home.

Home efficiency tips autumn

Fall Home Efficiency Tips

Fall is fast approaching here in Central Massachusetts – which means the season’s first heating bill won’t be far behind.

Family baby

Why Do I Need a Propane Tank Monitor?

We love Automatic Propane Delivery here at Pioneer Oil and Propane – it’s a free way to avoid the cost, inconvenience, and potential dangers that can come from propane gas run-outs and to manage your propane deliveries throughout the year.


Propane Thunderstorm Safety

Summer can produce some nail-biting thunderstorms here in the Northeast, although these awesome displays of nature can linger into the fall.

Carbon monoxide detector

What Should I Do If My Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off?

A build-up of carbon monoxide in your Massachusetts home can be dangerous – or potentially deadly – for your family, which is why the State of Massachusetts requires carbon monoxide detectors in most homes.

Propane grill fire

How to Put out a Propane Gas Grill Fire

Propane is one of the safest sources of home energy around – but like any fuel, you have to use it with care, and know what to do if an emergency arises inside or outside your Massachusetts home.

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