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A/C repairman

The Importance of an Annual A/C Check-Up

It may be tempting to skip your home air conditioning system’s annual tune-up, especially if everything seems to be working without any detectable problems. But as it turns out, that could be a costly mistake.

Safety reminder

Nine Propane Safety Reminders for Spring

Spring is a great time to refresh many things in your life – including your memory about propane safety in your Massachusetts home.

Jumping and reaching out

MAD DASH – Save BIG on a Home Heating System Upgrade!

Like winter in Massachusetts (mercifully), a home heating system doesn’t last forever (about 12-15 years, on average) – and there does come a time when a heating system upgrade…

Winter and Spring landscape

Looking Back at Winter 2017-18

We’re well into spring here in Massachusetts – according to the calendar, anyway – but when you’re coming out of a winter like we just had, the memory of it lingers longer than usual.

Saving money

Heating Oil Pricing Basics: Part 2 of 2

In our last post, we talked about the reasons why heating oil prices are so hard to predict. That kind of volatility can make it difficult to choose the best way to pay for your oil from year to year…

Home heating price

Heating Oil Pricing Basics: Part 1 of 2

Two of the more common questions we get asked by our heating oil customers each year are “How much will I pay for my heating oil this year,” and “how should I pay for it?”

Reading customer reviews

How Are We Doing?

Well the calendar says that winter is officially over here in Massachusetts – although with the way weather is going these days, it seems like anything can happen.

Blue propane flame

Propane Can Do That…

Mention the word “propane” and most people will immediately think of the white can under their barbecue.

Using laptop in a blackout

Six Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

Well, here we are, preparing for yet another Nor’easter – our fourth in three weeks here in Massachusetts.

Report card

The Pioneer Report Card: What We Measure During an Annual Service Visit

You’ve probably heard us say it once or twice on this blog, but it bears repeating: routine annual maintenance is the key to getting better system performance and a longer lifespan for your heating equipment.