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Propane: The Clean, Green, Safe Way to Power Your Massachusetts Home

“How safe is it?”

It’s one of the first questions we get when we’re talking to customers about a propane conversion for their Massachusetts home.

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Seven Benefits of Propane Power That You Might Not Know About

As we saw in our last blog, you can make a pretty good case for switching from electricity to propane in your Massachusetts home – at least from an efficiency standpoint.

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The Propane Advantage vs. Electricity

Did you know that almost any appliance that runs on electricity can operate more efficiently on propane? That means that by switching to propane appliances, you will save money and save the planet.

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Fall Is Coming: Time to Start Thinking about Your Heating System

September is upon us, believe it or not – which means that autumn’s cool days and nights aren’t far behind (not that you can tell with the weather we’re having this week).

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Tank Utility from Pioneer: For the Ultimate Peace in Mind in Propane Delivery

Automatic propane delivery makes it easy for you to stay safe and warm in any weather – and it helps us plan more efficient delivery routes so we can quickly and easily reach people who need fuel most. Win-win, right?

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How Often Should I Expect to Refill My Propane Tank?

If you recently bought a home that is powered with propane – or if you don’t yet have a full year’s worth of experience running household propane equipment under your belt – you may wonder how often you can expect to refill your propane tank.

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Be Prepared for Anything This Fall and Winter with Smart Pay Plus from Pioneer Oil and Propane

Heating oil prices can be pretty unpredictable these days – which is why it pays to cover all your bases when it comes to heating oil delivery.

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Share the Wealth and Earn a $50 Credit with Refer a Friend!

Having a good experience as a Pioneer propane or heating oil customer? Why not recommend us to a friend for a chance to earn credit for both of you?

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Summer Energy Efficiency Checklist

The dog days are upon us here in Massachusetts – which means that summer cooling bills can’t far behind. Here’s a list of things you can do to tame those bills through summer 2018.

Not all preventive maintenance is created equal…

More than once on this blog, we’ve talked about the importance of routine annual maintenance in protecting your home heating system investment. But not just any routine annual maintenance. When it comes to your annual tune-up, we make an extra effort compared to most heating oil and HVAC companies – especially when it comes to […]