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How To Lower Your Propane Bills This Winter

5 Ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency As we head toward Thanksgiving and the cold weather settles in, heating bills often increase. We’re here to deliver some good news: this doesn’t have to be the case! Here are a few suggestions that will help lower costs in your propane-heated Massachusetts home this winter. Schedule your […]

Propane Appliance Repairs: Should I Do It?

In this day and age of D-I-Y videos and YouTube tutorials, it seems like an obvious “it’s worth a try,” right? Truthfully, it’s not that simple. Propane appliance installation, repair and maintenance are tasks that require a high level of skill and extensive training. The team of professionals at Pioneer Oil and Propane has received […]

Will My Propane Freeze in the Winter?

Will My Propane Freeze In The Winter?

As winter approaches and the temperature drops, you might be wondering about what will happen to the propane in your aboveground tank in the coming months.

Key Tips for First-Time Propane Customers

First-Time Propane Customers: Key Tips For You

Are you a new homeowner? Or in your first-ever propane-heated home? If so, it will be helpful for you to have a clear idea about the most important information when it comes to propane tanks.

Why You Should Get a Propane Service Plan

Propane Service Plan: Why You Should Get One

While the latest propane boilers and propane furnaces are built to be durable and efficient, they still need basic upkeep and repairs in order to last for their intended life span.

Need to Troubleshoot Furnace Air Flow Issues? Try These Quick Tips!

Furnace Air Flow Issues? Try These Quick Tips!

As we head toward winter and get the heat going in our homes, it’s our priority at Pioneer that your propane furnace or oil furnace is running smoothly and providing you and your family with the warmth and comfort you deserve.

Is Your Furnace Ready for an Upgrade?

Is Your Furnace Ready For An Upgrade?

As winter approaches, it’s important to keep your heating system top of mind.

Ways to Cut Back on Heating Costs this Season

Heating Costs: 5 Ways To Cut Back This Fall

The temperatures are dropping and fall is here: finally! We’re all starting to think about getting our heating equipment started up for the season, and that means thinking about cost and efficiency as well.

Take Care of Your A/C as Summer Comes to a Close

A/C Care As Summer Comes To A Close

When you take care of your air conditioner in your Worcester-area home at the end of the summer, you’re all but guaranteeing that it will be in tip-top shape once winter ends and you’re ready to use it again next year.

Ways to Extend Your Summer with Propane

How To Extend Your Summer With Propane

We’ve all been spending more time than usual at home lately. With that in mind, making the most of our outside space has become more important than ever.