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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation & Service in Worcester

Pioneer Oil and Propane helps you keep your home cool and comfortable

There are lots of great things to do around Worcester and central Massachusetts in the summer.

You can take a trip to the beach on the Cape or the North Shore, go hiking at Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center, experience the rides and watch the pig races at the Bolton Fair, go to a concert at Indian Ranch, enjoy a backyard cookout and more!

But on really hot days, you may just want to stay at home with the air conditioning on. If your old central A/C system or window units aren’t up to the job anymore, Pioneer Oil and Propane can help you get the air conditioning you need.

Are you ready to upgrade your A/C?

Whether you want to upgrade your air conditioning system or add one to your home, Pioneer Oil and Propane’s master cooling technicians are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing all sorts of air conditioning systems.

If you’re considering replacing your current air conditioning system, we have ways of telling whether it’s time to make the move. Here are some signs:

Do you want an incentive to upgrade? Saving money is a good one! When you upgrade to a new, energy-efficient central A/C system, that upgrade can save you as much as 40% on your cooling costs.

Ductless mini-splits: An alternative cooling option

Many homes here in greater Worcester and central Massachusetts are older and have baseboard heating instead of forced-air heating.

That means they don’t have the ductwork needed for central air conditioning. Installing that ductwork is a big job, with lots of mess and hassle. It can also be expensive.

Until recently, homeowners without ductwork were stuck with using window air conditioning units, which give you inefficient cooling and more air leakage, because there are gaps between the unit and the window frame that let in dirt, dust, pollen and insects. Window A/C units can also be a security risk, especially on the ground floor.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners from Pioneer Oil and Propane take away all of that and give you cool, comfortable air without ductwork and without all the negatives of window units. Pioneer’s A/C specialists can expertly install mini-splits to suit your home and your needs. Now you can finally have cooling in spaces where you weren’t able to have it before, like home additions, enclosed sunrooms and workshops.

Count on Pioneer for A/C maintenance and service

Whether you have central air conditioning or mini-splits, regular maintenance is critical to keeping your system running at peak efficiency, and to helping it last longer so that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

That’s where Pioneer Oil and Propane comes in. We offer air conditioning maintenance by our trained and experienced cooling service technicians. They’ll not only inspect your system but clean parts and replace them if necessary, and do whatever else is needed so that your air conditioning system is ready when summer starts.

And if your A/C system does break down, we provide prompt and professional repairs. We can help you save money with our Easy Comfort Plan, which offers a 15% discount on covered repairs and gives you guaranteed priority service if your air conditioning system stops working.

Get in touch with Pioneer Oil and Propane to find out more about our air conditioning services!