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Heating Oil Delivery

For the most reliable supply of home heating oil for your Massachusetts home, trust Pioneer

Since 1957, Pioneer Oil and Propane has kept thousands of people warm through the harshest of New England winters, often working around the clock to deliver heating oil in all kinds of weather.

Backed by a fleet manned by experienced, professional drivers and solidified by a storage facility in Sturbridge that holds nearly 200,000 gallons of heating oil, we always have plenty of fuel on hand to meet your needs.

And with options like FREE automatic delivery and our payment and pricing programs ,we’ll bring you not only comfort, but value, service and quality—guaranteed.

We’ll also help you enjoy all the benefits of heating oil, including safety, comfort and efficiency.
New technologies have dramatically increased the efficiency of heating with oil. Because of these advances, homeowners who heat with oil typically use 50% fewer gallons per year than in the past.

For more information about our heating oil delivery in Worcester, Sturbridge, Auburn, Oxford and surrounding communities in Massachusetts, call our office or contact us today.