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Propane Delivery

Reliable Propane Delivery in Central Massachusetts

You can count on Pioneer Oil & Propane!

There is so much that propane can do for your home.

You get efficient, even heating. Cooking is easy and fun with a propane range. Your home is made comfortable with propane fireplaces and space heaters. A propane water heater gets your water hot faster and more efficiently than an electric water heater would. And outdoors, propane can not only power your grill, it can power firepits, pool and spa heaters, deck and patio heaters, and insect traps.

But to enjoy all these benefits, you need a propane delivery company you can trust. And you get that as a Pioneer Oil & Propane customer!

For more than 60 years, Pioneer Oil & Propane has been providing people like you here in central Massachusetts with dependable fuel delivery and courteous, responsive service.

We have an abundant supply of propane, a fact that gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll always have fuel when they need it.

Our propane professionals are knowledgeable and experienced and are glad to help you make the most of out of propane in your home or business.

Why you should choose Pioneer Oil & Propane for your propane delivery

There’s a reason so many of your neighbors use Pioneer Oil & Propane for their propane delivery service.

Pioneer Oil and Propane – Sturbridge Location

Complete propane delivery service

To have propane delivery, you need a propane tank. We will discuss your propane usage and needs thoroughly with you to make sure you get the right size tank. Then we’ll give you FREE installation, which includes installing the gas line and, in some cases, a FREE tank swap-out.

Want to make sure you always have enough propane? You can do that with our wireless propane tank monitoring.

Whether you’re in Auburn or Athol, Worcester or Westminster, you can rely on Pioneer Oil & Propane for your propane delivery. Become a customer today!