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Oil Tank Installation & Service

Heating Oil Tank Installation, Oil Tank Removal and Tank Protection Programs in Worcester County

If it’s time to replace your underground or aboveground oil tank, Pioneer Oil and Propane has great options for you. For example, the new generation of Roth aboveground tanks we install are virtually leak proof, featuring double-wall construction and leak-detection features.

Plus, they’re affordable and feature long-term warranties. You can even have them custom made to fit in corners or small spaces in your yard, basement or garage.

For homeowners with older tanks, we offer a Tank Secure protection plan. With this plan, you get a tank replacement warranty, an especially valuable benefit since replacing an oil tank can run $2,000 or more.

Pioneer Oil and Propane will perform a free evaluation and provide a quote for any installation of your tank storage system. This includes upgrading your fuel lines to being them up to code.

For more information about our oil tank installation costs and oil tank replacement in Worcester, Sturbridge, Auburn, Oxford and surrounding communities in Massachusetts, call our office or contact us today.