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Service Plans

Protect your Comfort with Service Plans for Oil Heating, Propane Heating and A/C

Very few people can afford the time or inconvenience that comes with a broken heating system. Most repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, and the breakdowns seem to happen at the worst times.

That’s why most of our customers choose one of our service plans to protect their comfort and to save money.

We provide a range of options designed to fit your needs and budget. All you have to do is choose the level of protection that makes you feel most comfortable.

Once you’re enrolled, you can depend on us to:

Choose the plan that works best for you

Oil Heating

Efficient Comfort Plan

Perfect for oil customers who want good protection but who are willing to cover much of the cost if they need a repair; ideal for newer systems.

Secure Comfort Plan

Best for oil customers with somewhat older systems who want to eliminate the cost of most repairs.

Propane Heating & Air Conditioning

Easy Comfort Plan

For just $39 a year, this covers your central a/c system, ductless a/c system and/or your propane heating systems (boiler, furnace, water heater, pool heater). Maintenance service not included; this can be requested separately.

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