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Winter Fuel Delivery Checklist

Posted: January 23, 2023

Make sure you can get your propane and heating oil delivered!

fuel delivery massachusetts Between nor’easters, Alberta clippers, and run-of-the-mill snowfalls, winter weather can get challenging here in New England.

That weather also poses challenges when it comes to your heating oil delivery and propane delivery. We’ve put together some tips to help you make sure that your deliveries can occur without worry.

Give us access to your fuel tank

Winter snow and ice can make clearing your driveway and walkways an unpleasant job, yet it is essential. If the Pioneer Oil and Propane fuel delivery drivers are not able to safely navigate your driveway or get to your fuel tank or fill line, we unfortunately will not be able to deliver your fuel.

Please clear your driveway to a width of 10 feet to accommodate our fuel delivery trucks. If there is an incline on your driveway, we recommend adding de-icer or sand for extra traction as these trucks are much bigger than average cars.

To ensure access to your fuel tank or fill line during winter months, create a clear path that is at least one foot wide between it and your driveway. When you hire someone for snow removal services, kindly remind them not to block this route while they are working. Additionally, guarantee the visibility of the tank/fill line even after a heavy snowfall by placing a tall pole next to it with either a colorful flag or ribbon on top.

If you are going to be away when your fuel delivery is scheduled, please arrange to have your driveway and the walkway to your tank or fill line cleared. Also, if you have a gate, please make sure that someone is on hand to unlock it when we make a delivery.

Protect of your fuel tank

Be aware of the risks associated with snow accumulating on propane and heating oil tanks. A heavy load can cause cracks or make the legs buckle, resulting in a potential fuel leak. To ensure the safe removal of excess snow, use only a broom; never employ an ice scraper or shovel as they could damage the tank or its components.

It’s critical to ensure your propane tank is clear of snow. When temperatures plummet, the liquid propane in your tank contracts and decreases its pressure. Snow blocks the sunlight that should be warming the tank and the propane inside it so it stays at a proper pressure.

Keep in touch with Pioneer Oil and Propane

If you’re an Automatic Delivery customer of Pioneer Oil and Propane, please let us know if you have any travel plans where you’ll be away from home for more than a week or so. Our calculations determine when you’ll need more heating oil or propane use your prior fuel history. If we know you won’t be home and thus not using as much fuel, an unneeded delivery may be prevented.

Enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring

As a Pioneer Oil and Propane propane delivery customer, you can rest easy knowing that your fuel needs can be taken care of with our Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring. No more worries about running out because you get your propane delivered right when you need it!

The monitor is attached to your tank, and it uses wireless technology like a smartphone, enabling us to be informed in real time of the exact propane amount in your container 24/7. When your propane levels reach a certain threshold, our monitoring system will automatically alert us, and we’ll schedule a delivery to your home. To keep an eye on your fuel supply, take advantage of Pioneer’s convenient and easy-to-use Tank Utility app!

Become a Pioneer Oil and Propane customer for the most dependable heating oil and propane delivery in Central Massachusetts!