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Why You Should Monitor Your Propane Tank

Posted: October 11, 2021

It’s More Important Than You Think

propane monitor massachusettsRunning out of propane is not only potentially dangerous, but it can also lead to major inconveniences and can add up to some serious costs. But no one wants to add checking their home’s propane levels to their ever-growing to-do lists. In fact, how many people are even thinking about how much of a propane supply they have?

Even if you have automatic deliveries of propane scheduled to arrive at your home, that schedule relies on estimates of how much propane you’re using based on how much you’ve used in the past and not actual current usage numbers. If you’ve added a new water heater or propane heater for your pool, an automatic delivery system doesn’t know this and doesn’t account for it. While automatic delivery is great for many reasons, installing a Tank Utility propane tank monitor from Pioneer Oil and Propane can help you avoid all sorts of problems and inconveniences when it comes to your home’s propane.

The levels of propane that are used in your home are constantly changing based on all sorts of lifestyle changes, such as the amount of time you spend at home, any home renovations you may be doing and how often you’re home during the winter. A monitoring system tracks exactly how much propane is in your tank by using a cellular network. When there are changes in propane usage we are alerted (you get an alert as well via your smart phone or tablet) and will respond in a timely manner. That means you’ll never be in a situation where you fully run out or where you end up dangerously low on propane.

Installing the system is easy and the system itself doesn’t need any maintenance. Tracking your home’s propane levels also lets you avoid any inconveniences in terms of last minute propane deliveries. Thanks to a propane monitoring system, you’ll also avoid any costs that you would typically encounter if you were ever to fully run out of propane.

We would love to tell you more about our Tank Utility propane tank monitoring as well as our additional propane services. Contact Pioneer Oil and Propane today.