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Why It’s Important to Check and Change Your A/C Filters

Posted: May 31, 2018

Checking A/C filter

Your ductless mini-split or central air conditioner can last a decade or more if it’s well maintained by experienced pros. But one of the most important ways to maintain your home A/C is a step you’ll have to take yourself: checking and changing your A/C air filter.

A clogged air filter restricts air flow in your cooling system, making your air conditioner overwork to cool your home; that overwork can cause some problems for you, including:

Of course a technician will replace your air conditioner air filter (and perform many other important maintenance tasks and tests) as part of an annual air conditioning service visit (if you haven’t scheduled yours yet in 2018, do it soon – experts are predicting a red-hot summer here in Massachusetts and the rest of the Northeast). But a single filter change probably won’t last a summer if you use your air conditioner daily – especially if you smoke or have furry pets.

The bottom line: check your filter every thirty days, replacing it when needed. If you don’t know how to do this, or don’t know what type of filter to use, don’t worry – it’s easy. Contact us – we’ll walk you through it.

Take care of your home cooling system before the summer sizzle really begins. Contact us today to schedule a cooling system service from a Pioneer pro!