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Why Install a Propane Water Heater in Your Massachusetts Home?

Posted: May 13, 2019

Bathroom shower head

You may not realize it, but about one-fifth of your monthly home energy use comes from heating water for your taps and appliances.

The good news is you can trim some of that cost by swapping your electric water heater for a propane model.

By opting for a water heater powered by clean, green propane gas, you’ll not shrink your monthly bill, you’ll also shrink the carbon footprint of your Massachusetts home (talk about a win-win!).

Need more reasons to switch from electric to propane for your water heating? Here are six big ones:

  1. You’ll spend less in the long run – Propane water heaters may cost a bit more up front than their electric-powered counterparts, but what matters more is the total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment. Propane water heaters cost less to maintain, have a longer lifespans (almost twice as long in the case of a propane tankless water heater), and cost less per BTU to operate. Overall, you can expect to save about 30 percent if you switch to a propane water heater over the course of its lifetime.
  2. You’ll enjoy more – or even unlimited – hot water – Propane water heaters heat water twice as fast as electric heaters – which reduces recovery time and stretches shower times. If you choose a propane tankless water heater, you’ll enjoy unlimited hot water on demand.
  3. You’ll lighten the load on the planet – Using propane-powered equipment lowers greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric-powered options, especially when that electricity comes from coal-fired plants.
  4. You’ll spend less money on repairs – Propane water heaters last longer than electric-powered water heaters, and usually require less maintenance.
  5. You could be boosting your home’s resale value – Propane appliances can beef up your home’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and LEED scores – great news if you intend to sell your home down the road.

As you can see, a propane water heater provides many advantages over electric water heater options. To see if a propane water heater is right for you, contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane water heater upgrade for your MA home!