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Why Choose a Propane Water Heater?

Posted: October 30, 2018

Sink running water

On average, an American household uses more than 60 gallons of hot water a day to fill its showers, dishwasher, sinks, and washing machine. With that kind of workload, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that water heating accounts for about 18 percent of your monthly energy bill.

The good news is you can cut down some of that use when you replace your electric water heater with a high efficiency propane water heater.

Even better news is that the benefits of a propane water heater don’t end with lower bills. A propane water heater will also shrink the carbon footprint of your Massachusetts home and possibly even boost your home’s resale value.

Here are some key reasons to switch your electric water heater to a propane model:

As you can see, a propane water heater provides many advantages over electric water heater options. To see if a propane water heater is right for you, contact us today – and don’t forget to ask about our money saving propane water heater and tankless propane water heater specials!