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What Is Propane Tank Monitoring?

Posted: February 27, 2023

Pioneer Oil and Propane give you the ultimate peace of mind about your propane supply!

gas tank monitor massachusetts Think about all the ways technology has changed our everyday lives over the last couple of decades.

We can now keep in touch with our loved ones near and far through texting, video calls, social media platforms, and email. Managing our finances has become easier than ever. We can securely make purchases, pay bills, or transfer money from anywhere with a single click! Thanks to cutting-edge wireless and cellular technology, we now have access to maps on our phones and in our vehicles that allow us to explore unfamiliar places with ease and avoid the headache and hassle of traffic.

Now, technology makes managing your propane supply a piece of cake with a Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitor from Pioneer Oil and Propane!

With our wireless propane tank monitoring, you can bid farewell to facing harsh weather conditions just to check your propane tank gauge levels. Forgetting about checking your propane tank gauge will no longer be an issue because this remarkable technology does it for you! Now that’s a real game changer!

How do wireless propane tank monitors work?

A wireless propane tank monitor is small, but mighty in what it does for you.

Our monitor, fitted with a sensor cable that reads propane levels in your tank, is equipped with the same advanced wireless and cellular technology as today’s smartphones. This revolutionary feature allows us at Pioneer Oil and Propane to remain updated on your propane supply at all times. We track your propane levels in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Pioneer Oil and Propane’s innovative wireless propane tank monitor, you can be worry-free; the moment your fuel reaches a predefined level as we will get an alert. By quickly arranging a propane delivery before your tank runs low, we guarantee that you’ll never have to fret about running out of gas again! Thanks to the Tank Utility app, you can also have this information at your fingertips.

Are there other advantages to wireless propane tank monitoring?

Wireless propane tank monitoring is a wonderful service for all people who use propane in their homes because now, having propane will be work- and worry-free.

There are, however, certain propane customers for whom wireless propane tank monitoring is even more beneficial. These customers include:

People who travel often or live away from home for part of the year. Being away from home for long durations, such as when you travel frequently for business or are a snowbird living somewhere warmer in the winter, can make the exact amount of propane you need hard to predict. This is why wireless propane tank monitoring is an invaluable tool: It guarantees that you’ll never be left short on fuel and eliminates any unwanted expenses from unnecessary deliveries.

People who own more than one property. Do you own a second home, short-term rental property, multi-family residence or investment property? With wireless propane tank monitoring, you can have the assurance that your other properties are sufficiently stocked with propane and don’t need to physically visit each site to view their propane levels. The Tank Utility app also lets you monitor all your accounts.

People who manage affairs for elderly parents or relatives. As a caretaker, you are no stranger to the tireless effort that comes with this role. Fortunately, wireless propane tank monitoring can simplify your workload and alleviate some of your stress — granting you additional time to focus on other tasks related to providing care.

Never worry about running out of propane again! Get in touch today with Pioneer Oil and Propane to enroll in our wireless propane tank monitoring.