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Practicing Water Heater Safety In Your Home

Posted: May 3, 2021

water heater service massachusettsAbout one out of every 10 fires started by home heating systems are related to the home’s water heater, according to a home heating study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association. Using the water heater in your Massachusetts home is not something to shy away from, but it’s important to be familiar with the system and to understand the proper precautions you should be taking throughout the year. These suggestions will help keep you, your home and your family safe as you operate your water heater.

Water Heater Safety Tips

Don’t leave anything flammable near your system.
In order to avoid a flashback fire, it’s important to keep anything flammable, like oily rags, paint supplies and cleaning supplies as far from your water heater as possible.

Stick to your annual maintenance schedule.
Getting regular tune-ups is a critical part of responsible water heater ownership. Rather than waiting for a breakdown, schedule professional service once a year. This gives our technicians the opportunity to notice any issues that could become bigger, possibly dangerous problems down the line.

Let us know when your water heater is not functioning properly.
Many systems and devices have great potential for D-I-Y troubleshooting. Your water heater is not one of them. Please contact us for help if your water heater needs service or a specific repair.

Maintain a clear space surrounding the water heater.
Don’t allow debris to collect around your water heater. It’s important to keep clear space in order for the pilot light and assembly to work properly. They need “breathing room” for air flow but clutter can disrupt proper ventilation.

Know how to shut the system down if you need to.
If you smell gas or find that you have a gas leak, you need to know how to shut down your water heater. Take a look at your owner’s manual, and if you don’t have it, you can probably find it online. Have questions? Contact us—we can help!

Be open to the possibility of an upgrade.
If your water heater is getting on in years or has not been well maintained, you may be due for an upgrade. The newest water heaters available today are safer and more energy-efficient than ever before. In fact, with a new system, you’ll see lowered fuel bills right away!

At Pioneer, we keep your safety top of mind—all the time! Set up your water heater tune-up or inspection today. Do you need an estimate for an upgrade? Let us know!