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Watching Your Propane Supply

Posted: January 10, 2022

How to keep it full and secure this winter

tank monitor with app massachusettsIf we had to guess, we would say with some certainty that you want your Central Massachusetts home’s propane supply to be full and secure, especially during the winter season. After all, no one ever wants to run out of propane, especially when the temperatures outside are less than friendly.

If you’re wondering how exactly you can be sure that your propane supply is in fact full and secure we’ve got some helpful pointers that will keep your home comfortable all year round.

Monitoring Your Own Propane Supply
There is, of course, the option of monitoring your own propane supply. To do so, you’ll have to estimate the amount of propane that you use. To come up with this estimate you need:

If you are a Will-Call customer, you are responsible for monitoring your propane tank gauge levels and contacting us to request a delivery. It is generally recommended that you keep your tank at least 30% full at all times.

Pioneer’s Automatic Propane Delivery

If you don’t want to keep track of your own propane supply, you can sign up for automatic deliveries of propane. Those deliveries are scheduled based on estimates of how much propane you use in your home according to past usage, as well as current outside temperatures. Because those estimates don’t take current usage into account they may not always be 100% accurate, which means that your pre-determined delivery schedule may not exactly line up with your propane needs. For example, if you add a new appliance that uses propane the automatic delivery service doesn’t account for this. This means that you could potentially still run out.

Pioneer’s Tank Utility Monitoring

If you want to guarantee that your propane supply will never get too low or run out, the way to do so is through a propane tank monitoring system such as Pioneer’s Tank Utility monitors. This remote wireless monitoring system lets our propane professionals track your actual propane usage, which allows us to know exactly what your propane supply is like in real-time. When the levels get too low Pioneer gets an alert so that we can schedule your next propane delivery. This can leave you completely worry-free in terms of your propane levels.

If you’re in the Central Massachusetts area and are looking for reliable propane deliveries Pioneer can help. Contact us today to learn about our Tank Utility monitoring system as well as the other propane and heating oil services we can provide.