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Want a Worry-Free Winter? Sign up for Free Automatic Delivery

Posted: February 9, 2018

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January 2018 is behind us here in New England, leaving more than 300 local low temperature records in its wake. But don’t be fooled by the temporary respite we’ve had from winter weather here in recent weeks – according to experts (and Punxutawney Phil), we’re not done with the cold just yet here in the Northeast.

January’s arctic cold even prompted the Propane Gas Association to speak out to homeowners about the importance of being proactive in periods of high fuel demand – a message it directed largely to “will call” customers who monitor and manage their own propane (and heating oil) deliveries.

It’s sound advice: as owners of a fleet that was on the road day and night for the first few weeks of this year, we can tell you firsthand that no-heat is no joke – particularly when temperatures plummet down into and below the twenties and teens.

One of the best ways to avoid a no-heat emergency, of course, is to sign up for automatic delivery. When you sign up for this free service, it helps us minimize emergency calls and schedule more effective routes for our fleet; the more efficient our routes are, the better able we’ll be to get you your fuel on time (keeping your driveway and fill pipe clear also helps – a lot).

We work hard to make sure we have the propane and heating oil you need to stay safe and warm throughout the winter, in any weather. Help us to help you by signing up for automatic delivery today.