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Thinking About Investing in a Home That’s Powered by Propane?

Posted: November 22, 2016


Here’s what you need to ask the seller.

If you’re in the market for a propane-powered home, congratulations – you’re making a smart choice! Propane is one of the most versatile fuels around, and you’ll probably save money every month compared to other fueling options.

But there are some special considerations when you decide to buy a propane-equipped home. Before you but your final bid in, here are five questions you’ll want to ask your seller:

  1. How many appliances in your home run with propane? Propane can power just about any home appliance – but that doesn’t mean the home you’re looking at is set up to do that yet. If you plan to use more propane appliances than the seller does, your propane tank might not be big enough to support the additional heating load (see question 2 below). Before you make an offer, consider what you’ll have to invest in new appliances or a new tank to set up your home.
  2. How big is your propane tank? Your propane tank should be large enough to power all the appliances you plan to use without needing to refuel every few weeks. Make sure your tank is right-sized for your energy load!
  3. Do you own the tank, or is it leased? If the home seller owns the tank, he will no doubt ask more for the house than if he leases the tank from the propane supplier. If he leases the tank, you won’t own it, but you also won’t have to maintain it. There are advantages to each set up.
  4. Is it an aboveground or underground tank? If the tank Is leased, it’s probably an aboveground model (which can be convenient, but not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing option). Below ground tanks are a step-up aesthetically (all you’ll see is a small, plastic-covered regulator aboveground), but that option can present challenges if there’s ever a mechanical problem with the tank.
  5. Can you provide maintenance records? Like any machine, your propane tank and appliances need regular service to perform at their best and prevent costly repairs. If your seller can’t produce records, it could mean he’s neglected routine maintenance, which can cause problems down the road or even void system warrantees. At minimum, you should have all systems checked by an expert.

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