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The Power of Propane

Joey Grigarauskas

Dear Friends,

Have you ever thought about converting your old electric appliances to propane but never gotten around to it? We would love to show you how easy it is, and the many ways you will benefit from the power of propane.

For starters, we can replace your inefficient electric water heater with a propane-powered unit so that you’ll enjoy virtually unlimited hot water — for a lower cost.

The same power that makes propane ideal for water heaters also makes it a great choice for many other appliances, including clothes dryers, ovens and cooktops, patio heaters, pool heaters, outdoor grills, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

And when a storm knocks out your power, a propane-powered backup generator will keep your lights and everything else running until the utility company can make repairs. There are no blackouts with a propane generator!

Expanding your use of propane can mean longer showers; cleaner, longer-lasting clothes; protection against power outages; an extended outdoor season; extra money in your pocket; a healthier planet; and a warmer, more comfortable home.

Give us a call or reach out to us through our website to get started.


Joey Grigarauskas
General Manager