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Tank Utility: Propane Delivery Peace of Mind

Posted: August 16, 2021

tank monitor installation massachusettsAutomatic propane delivery makes it easy for you to stay safe and warm in any weather – and it helps us plan more efficient delivery routes so we can quickly and easily reach people who need fuel most. Win-win, right?

Propane Use Can Change

The only problem with automatic delivery is that it’s a great solution (a definite step up from will-call delivery), but not a perfect one. Why? Because automatic delivery relies on estimates of your past propane use and the current weather – which means it does not take into account sudden, radical weather shifts or lifestyle changes that we didn’t know about (for example, if you’ve built a new home addition that causes you to use more propane to heat the space).

The Simple Solution

If you want the ultimate assurance that you’ll never run out of propane no matter what happens in the air or in your home life, you’ll definitely want to check out our propane Tank Utility remote monitoring system.

We will install a radio transmitter on your propane tank that lets us remotely track your fuel level so we can deliver your propane exactly when you need it. The system can be set up in a couple of hours and requires no ongoing maintenance, and you don’t have to be home for installation.

Once your propane tank monitor is installed, you’ll get instant peace of mind – and no more costly propane run-outs – all for a nominal monthly fee. You’ll even get an email or text to let you know your fuel level is getting low.

Never run out of propane gas again – sign up for Tank Utility remote propane tank monitoring from Pioneer Oil and Propane today! Contact us for details.