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Fall is in full swing in Massachusetts – and even though we haven’t had that first real cold snap, we all know it’s coming.

Here are four tips to help you get your home heating system in shape for the colder months to come.

  1. Replace filters – Now’s a good time to change out filters on your furnace. Ideally, filters on all your HVAC equipment should be changed out monthly – it’s a small investment that prevents your system from overworking, which can raise your energy bills and even wear out equipment prematurely.
  2. Seal Leaks – Did you know that air leakage could be raising your home heating or cooling bill by 20 percent or more? Over time, seals, caulking, and weather stripping dries and cracks, allowing cold air in and warm air out. For less than $50 or so in materials, you can make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed for maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Service your furnace or boilerFurnaces and boilers require regular maintenance to run efficiently. Besides saving you money on your monthly energy bill, it will also help you avoid expensive heating repairs by spotting small issues before they become big problems. Sign up for a Service Plan for your heating oil or propane heating system and our technicians will clean and inspect all parts on your furnace or boiler to make sure it’s in good working order.
  4. Check fuel levels – Whether your heating system runs on heating oil or propane gas, make sure your tank is full as the temperature drops.

Cool weather’s coming – be prepared! Sign up today for a Pioneer Oil and Propane Service Plan for your heating system, or to order your heating oil or propane!



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