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Swim Now and into the Fall with a Propane Pool Heater

Posted: May 4, 2017

Swimming pool

Have you ever really felt like enjoying your pool on a cool, cloudy morning only to find that the water was just too cold to take a dip?

That’s when a propane pool heater can really come in handy. Easy to install and maintain, an ultra efficient, reliable propane pool heater provides a simple luxury that you’ll quickly get used to.

Propane pool heaters enjoy big advantages over other pool heater types, including:

If you’re thinking about installing a propane pool heater, let us know – we’ll help you find some great options (we’ll talk about choosing a pool heater in our next post). If you already have a propane pool heater but need to connect it to your propane tank, our technicians can help there, too.

Swim in a warm pool any time, any day with a propane pool heater! Contact Pioneer today to learn more.