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Keep a Full Propane Supply This Summer

Posted: June 17, 2021

propane delivery massachusettsThe start of summer is a time for seeing friends and family, taking day trips—or vacations!—and…stocking up on propane. That last one often surprises people, but ensuring you have a full stock of this cost- and energy-efficient fuel in the summer can make a big difference when fall comes around.

Here are four reasons why you should stock up on propane this summer.

  1. You can save money. In the summer, delivery companies are often trying to move their propane supply in order to create a fuel allocation for winter. In order to do this, they may be willing to charge less, which translates to savings for you when you request a summer delivery of propane.
  2. You might already need more propane than you think you need in the summer. If you have a propane grill, pool or spa heater, or other propane-powered appliances we service, you will likely go through a decent amount of propane this summer. Keep that in mind so you don’t have a run-out.
  3. Summer allows for easier deliveries, which affects the price. Winter road conditions can be brutal. As a result, our drivers often work overtime during the months that also align with peak heating season. The extra costs associated with winter deliveries most definitely have an impact on the price of propane. Stocking up in the summer will help you minimize this challenge.
  4. When the summer ends, prices will creep back up. The approach of the heating season leads to an increased demand for propane every fall. This means the prices will go up as the temperatures change, which is another reason to have your propane supply replenished before summer’s out.

To be clear, summer prices for propane are not always lower. Factors including shipping costs, staff training, and general demand also drive prices. Even so, we suggest at least one summer propane delivery.

When it’s time for a propane delivery to your Massachusetts home, please let us know. Contact us today if you have any questions!