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Summer Storm Tips For Propane Safety

Posted: June 7, 2021

storm safety massachusettsAlong with the noise and news coverage of a summer thunderstorm, there’s also actual danger. With that in mind, it’s important to the team at Pioneer Oil and Propane that you have the proper propane equipment and that you’re prepared to take the right steps to keep your Central Massachusetts home and family safe.

Pre-Storm Tips

  1. Be aware of propane leaks. If you have a propane leak—even a small one—before a storm, it can get much worse once that first cloud opens up. If you smell propane, be sure to respond right away. (And make sure your family—and anyone in your household—is aware of what propane smells like so they can respond accordingly in the event of an issue, even if you’re not home.)
  2. Be prepared. You and any adults in your home should know where the gas main is and how to turn it off.
  3. Be proactive. If an approaching storm forces you to evacuate, be sure to shut off the gas main before you leave. In your absence, a damaged tank could lead to flammable leaks.

Once The Storm Hits

  1. Stay away. Once the storm is happening, keep your distance from power lines and any other conductive metal objects. Stay away from your propane tank! Anything that can conduct electricity is a danger. This includes poles, trees and any tall structures in your presence.
  2. Follow instructions. During the storm, local authorities or community leaders may provide information or instructions about possible evacuations or other details you may need. It’s important that you stop to listen carefully so you can take whatever actions are necessary to stay safe.

Suggestions For After The Storm

  1. Take a look around. Once you’re sure the area is safe, take a look around to make a note of any fallen limbs or trees, downed power lines, or other debris. This is for your general safety and also to be aware of anything that might cause damage to your gas line or to your propane tank.
  2. Check your propane-powered appliances. Make sure your appliances are not damaged. Inspect them for both visible damage and malfunctions, which may not always be obvious without running the appliance.
  3. Do not use candles! When you’re inspecting your propane appliances or equipment, use a flashlight or other safe source of light. In the event of a fuel leak, a lit candle could ignite your propane tank.

Reach Out to Us

If you think you may have a problem with your propane tank or appliances, call us right away at 508-753-3223. In emergency situations, do not email—just call. We’ll carefully and thoroughly inspect your equipment, so we can address the issue right away.

Contact us with any questions you have about propane safety or propane equipment installation. We’ll get back to you right away to answer your questions!