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Smart Moves for Spring

Joey Grigarauskas

Dear Friends,

When you make preparing for fall part of your spring to-do routine, you’ll be ahead of the game come September. That’s crunch time, especially if you have kids in school.

For starters, we recommend scheduling your tune-up now to beat the fall rush. A tune-up doesn’t “wear off” and you’ll have your choice of appointments.

Here are five more things you can do now that will make things easier when the weather gets cooler — and life gets busier.

  1. Set up automatic deliveries or install a tank monitor so you can avoid the worry of running out of fuel.
  2. Get off the winter bill roller coaster. Sign up for our monthly payment plan and enjoy level bills year-round.
  3. Enroll in our Auto Pay program and switch to e-billing. You’ll streamline your bill paying, save time and reduce paper clutter.
  4. Schedule a gas appliance safety check. Our trained propane technicians will check all lines and connections and look for worn or damaged parts to make sure all your propane appliances are functioning safely and efficiently.
  5. Upgrade to a tankless propane water heater. You’ll enjoy a virtually unlimited hot water supply while saving on energy costs.

Remember, we’re here to help make your home more comfortable no matter what the season. Let us know what we can do for you!


Joey Grigarauskas
General Manager