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Six Ways to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Posted: January 24, 2018

Packing for vacation

Planning an escape from Massachusetts this winter? Great idea! Just don’t forget to get things in order at home before you leave – unless you want some unpleasant surprises waiting for you when you get back from your getaway.

Here are six things you can do to avoid unnecessary “complications” while you’re away.

  1. Change your thermostat setting. Keep your thermostat on its heat setting, adjusted to about 55 degrees or so to prevent pipes from freezing. Never turn your heat completely off if you go away during the winter!
  2. Kill the main water valve. Water can’t freeze in your pipes if there’s none there to begin with. Open up all your faucets to prevent pressure buildup from the little bit of water left behind.
  3. Unplug appliances. Power outages happen in winter, and restoring power after an outage can produce a surge that can fry electronics and even cause a fire. Unplug your appliances and you’ll avoid both problems. As a bonus, you’ll also cut your energy bills by reducing the energy drawn from “vampire” appliances – those that draw current even when they’re turned off.
  4. Close your fireplace damper. This will prevent heat loss and keep snow, rain or animals from getting into your home.
  5. Close and lock all windows and doors. Check all locks, close all shutters, and install storm windows if you have them.
  6. Call us! If you are an automatic delivery customer, the timing of your propane and heating oil fill-ups is based on a combination of your past usage and the current weather. If you’re going away – especially if you plan to be gone for several weeks – let us know so we can revise your delivery plan.

Enjoy a worry-free vacation – contact us today if you’re and Automatic Delivery customer planning a getaway in the coming weeks.