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Seven Benefits of Propane Power That You Might Not Know About

Posted: September 13, 2018

Shower head

As we saw in our last blog, you can make a pretty good case for switching from electricity to propane in your Massachusetts home – at least from an efficiency standpoint. But what about any other benefits that might come from diving into a propane conversion?

As it turns out, switching to propane can help improve your quality of life in ways you may not have even considered. Here are seven ways that a switch to propane could benefit you in the months and years to come:

  1. It will let you take longer showersPropane water heaters have much faster recovery rate than electric models, which means you’re far less likely to run out of hot water (if you switch to a tankless propane water heater, you’ll never run out of hot water at all).
  2. Cleaner, longer-lasting clothes – A propane clothes dryer dries clothes faster and produces less static cling than an electric dryer – which means less wear and tear on your favorite outfits.
  3. More protection for you family and property – A whole-house propane generator will keep your sump pump, security systems, refrigerators, and heating / cooling systems running even after the grid goes down.
  4. More fun outdoors – Add a propane-powered kitchen, hearth, and gaslights to your outdoor space and it will quickly become your family’s favorite place to gather. Or go all the way and add a propane pool heater and propane space heaters to extend your outdoor season by a month or more.
  5. More energy savings – Because propane burns so hot and so efficiently, most propane equipment costs significantly less to run than their electric equivalent.
  6. Healthier air and a healthier family – Burning propane produces virtually no greenhouse gasses, so your kids will have cleaner air to breathe when they get older; good for them, good for the planet.
  7. A warmer, more comfortable home – With efficiencies up to 98 percent, propane furnaces heat your house more evenly than electric-powered models, and they supply that heat at a higher temperature than electric heat pumps. This means more consistent, comfortable heating – important for the challenges of a winter here in Massachusetts.

Discover the benefits of propane for yourself – contact Pioneer today for a FREE estimate for propane conversions in your home!