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Using Propane to Heat Your Home

Posted: September 9, 2021

furnace installation massachusettsHome heating includes so many choices these days, including heating oil, natural gas and electricity. But the one type of fuel that is making an increasingly positive impression on people around the state—and the nation—is propane.

Making the choice to heat your home with propane is another way of showing that you care about the world around you. It’s a high-performing fuel with clean, green characteristics. Here are our top three reasons to go with propane.

  1. Enjoy versatility. When you heat your home with propane, it’s easy to add appliances and other types of equipment to the mix.
    • Water heaters
    • Clothes dryers
    • Fireplaces
    • Cast-iron stoves
    • Grills
    • Stoves and cooktops
    • Pool or spa heaters

    You can use the same tank you use for your furnace on all of these appliances—no need for a pipeline.

  2. Benefit from the convenience of efficiency. With clean-burning propane, your home heating system will have fewer deposits. You’ll see that it will last longer and require less service than what you’ve experienced with other fuels.
  3. Save on maintenance and repairs. You’ll deal with fewer deposits on your home heating system when you use propane because of how clean burning it is. This means your equipment will last longer and as your need for service drops.

Time to Switch?

If you are not using propane already, contact us today to learn about why you should become a customer. If you already get automatic propane delivery to heat your Massachusetts home but you would like to explore the addition of propane-powered appliances, our team can help with that as well. From recommendations to installation, we are here for you, with Service, Quality and Value—Guaranteed.

Contact us today to find out how Pioneer Oil and Propane can make a difference for you in all of your propane heating needs!