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Propane Hearths: A Common Sense Luxury

Posted: September 24, 2018

Living room fireplace

Imagine coming home to a roaring fire at the click of a button, with no wood fire setup or cleanup – or keeping your family safe and warm during a power outage when the electrical grid is down.

Thanks to propane (with an assist from our expert technicians), you can get these benefits and more – at a fraction of a cost of new masonry fireplace construction.

Today’s realistic high-efficiency propane fireplaces can make a real statement in your living room, bringing a comforting ambiance that will transform the experience. Easy to use, safe, and available in all sizes and styles, they give you all the comforts of a real fire without the splinters, ash, and smoke. They’re also a great source of backup heat in the event of a power outage, since they operate without the help of electricity – a great feature to have here in cold New England.

If you already have a masonry fireplace but don’t want to deal with wood burning dangers and hassles, a propane fireplace log set could be perfect for you. Today’s log sets are more realistic than ever, available in a number of wood finishes, and are easy to install and use.

We can help you choose your propane fireplace

Of course building your dream propane hearth means you will have to make some key decisions to meet your budget, décor, room space, and venting needs.

That’s where our planners come in.

We will help you choose from a wide range of vent free, vented, freestanding, and corner model propane fireplace models or realistic log sets. Once you make your choices, we can install your creation quickly and safely, in compliance with all local building and safety codes.

All you have to do is sit back, push a button, and enjoy.

Don’t put off having your dream fireplace! Contact Pioneer for a FREE, no obligation estimate today!