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Propane Grilling Safety For Summer 2020

Posted: June 1, 2020

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Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner – and although we may need keep our gatherings a little smaller this year, we can still fire our propane grills for some delicious flame-broiled meals.

Just be sure to practice propane safety when grilling.

8 reminders to help you grill safely in the coming months

  1. Clean your grill – A clean grill will operate better, longer, and more safely. Check out this short video from Consumer Reports for suggestions on how to properly maintain your propane gas grill. Also be sure to clean your grates each time you grill; leftover grease is among the most common causes of grill fires.
  2. Store your cylinders correctly – Keep propane grills and propane gas cylinders (if you have a portable propane grill) in the open air at all times; never store or use them indoors or in a garage, covered shed or carport. Not only is this a fire hazard, but operating any outdoor propane equipment indoors can also create a dangerous and potentially deadly buildup of carbon monoxide.
  3. Place your grill safely – Always operate your grill on a level surface at least five feet away from the house or anything that could catch fire, such as overhead branches or furniture.
  4. Keep the lid open during ignition – Open the grill lid before you ignite the grill, and keep it open until the grill has been lit. A closed grill can cause propane gas to build up and create an explosion risk.
  5. Stand by your grill – Once the grill is lit, stay near it. Unattended grills are the cause of 46 percent of cooking fire-related injuries, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Keep an eye on children and pets at all times.
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher handy – Store a fire extinguisher near your grill and make sure everyone knows where it is. Baking soda will also work in a pinch. NEVER try to put out a grease fire with water.
  7. Mind those flare-ups – If a flare-up spreads, carefully remove all the food from the grill; turn off the burners and gas.
  8. Shut it all down – When you’re done grilling, turn off all the burners and close the cylinder valve before you leave the grill to go eat.

Make sure you have enough propane in your tank for a full season’s worth of outdoor cooking on your built-in propane grill – or to power any other propane outdoor living equipment you’re running in your backyard. Contact us today for reliable propane delivery in Worcester County, MA.

Please note: At Pioneer, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our COVID-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep your family and our crews safe and your propane deliveries coming during this challenging time.