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Propane Can Do That!

Propane can power just about any appliance inside your home — and outside too! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you just may find something else that propane can do.

Summer fun with propane

To give you a better idea about how “propane can do that,” take a look at some of your options for taking propane outdoors.

Grilling: Nothing beats the clean-burning precision of a propane gas grill. Whether you cook on a simple portable model or a high-tech built-in grill, you’ll get the same even-cooking performance, time after time, with no starter-fluid smell, dangerous chemicals, or mess.

Fire bowls: Many models have ignition systems that can be turned on and off with a smartphone or tablet. And unlike with wood fire pits, there’s no mess to clean up.

Outdoor heating

Lighting: Propane-powered outdoor lights can burn for just pennies per hour, and they can be matched to almost any outdoor décor.

Outdoor heaters: With freestanding or wall-mounted models available, you’re sure to find a propane patio heater that meets your needs and budget — and one that will work even if the power goes out.

Outdoor water heating: Enjoy a swim throughout the season by investing in a propane pool heater, which will heat your pool water quickly and efficiently — and far more effectively than an electric model.

Summer safety tips

Here are a few tips to help you cope with any extreme weather this summer.

Summer safety tips

Propane’s supply advantage

People like heating their home and water with propane because they know they will have a reliable supply of propane on hand whenever they need it. Having a propane tank on their property gives them the ability to safely store a plentiful supply that’s always ready for immediate use.

Natural gas customers don’t enjoy the same type of security, as recent events have shown. This past winter in the Midwest, the combination of brutal cold and a fire at a compressor station resulted in the gas utilities pleading with customers to turn down their thermostats to prevent a serious natural gas shortage.*

Propane advantage

Propane has a distinct edge over natural gas because of the way it’s processed and transported. After propane gets compressed into a liquid, all of this liquid petroleum gas (LPG) gets stored inside large tanks until it’s delivered to the on-site supply tank at a home or business.

Compare that to the delivery system of natural gas. If an underground natural gas pipeline gets damaged — or other problems occur — hundreds and even thousands of customers may lose their supply until repairs get done.

*Source: Detroit Free Press 1/30/19.

Cooking, heating your water and more

How many ways are you using propane at home?

Cooking with propane

Heat your home: propane-fired furnaces and boilers are much more efficient and generate greater comfort than electricity. And by increasing your usage, you may qualify for a lower price.

Heat water: propane water heaters can cost less to operate than electric units. They provide much more hot water faster, and come in both storage-tank and tankless options.

Cook: propane cooktops/stoves offer more precise temperature control and are cheaper to run than their electric counterparts.

Dry clothes: propane dryers are almost twice as efficient as electric models, drying your clothes faster and for less money.

Fireplace glow: imagine being able to start a fire with the flick of a switch. It’s possible with propane — and a propane fireplace delivers more heat into the room than a wood fireplace, without all the smoke and mess.

Emergency power: propane is a popular choice as a fuel for whole-house backup generators. And since your fuel is stored right on your property, you can continue to enjoy all the comforts of home until your power is restored.