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Propane Appliances: The More the Merrier

Posted: June 22, 2018

Kitchen propane gas stove

If you already use propane to power your furnace or boiler, you know how efficient and clean-burning it is.

So why aren’t you using it elsewhere in your home?

We see it all the time: one of our customers will have a propane heating system but an electric water heater – not realizing that if they switch to a propane water heater they will get better performance in just about every way you can measure it.

Why does that happen? Usually it’s because somewhere along the line, a contractor steered the builder or a homeowner (possibly you) in the direction of an option that was most convenient, easy, and inexpensive for them to install and maintain – not the one that would perform best.

Propane possibilities for your Massachusetts home

With some planning and investment, you could add any or all of these propane appliances to your Massachusetts home:

Almost any appliance that can be powered with electricity has a propane equivalent – one that usually outperforms, sometimes significantly, its electric counterpart. And best of all, all these appliances can be linked to a single propane tank. Talk about simplicity!

The bottom line: Every propane appliance you add to your home helps you experience more of propane’s many benefits. Why not experience them for yourself?

Thinking about adding propane equipment to your Massachusetts home? We can help you plan! Contact us today to learn more about our expert propane conversions appliance installations!