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Propane and Winter Storm Readiness

Posted: January 17, 2022

Ways to use the fuel safely

winter propane safety massachusettsThere are many things that residents here in Central Massachusetts do to prepare for a winter storm. One of those things should be preparing your propane and your propane-fueled home. This involves knowing how to use your propane in general and knowing how to use your propane-powered appliances safely. Using propane-powered appliances safely is, of course, always advised, but it’s even more important to use them safely in the winter.

Safe Propane Use During A Snow Storm

But what does that mean? How can you keep your propane-powered home safe and secure throughout the winter? Below are five ways to use the fuel safely and securely.

  1. Keep surfaces clear – Dust, debris and snow tend to pile up on chimneys, vents, propane tanks, piping, tank regulators, and valves, as well as in flues. Make sure that all these surfaces are completely clear and clean.
  2. Make sure your generator is working – A propane generator is a great device to have on hand in case of a power outage, but the real key is making sure that it actually works. Ideally, generators should be run once a month for about 20 minutes to keep them functioning. At the very least they should be tested before an expected storm.
  3. Know how much propane you’re using – Being aware of how much propane you’re using and where your levels are at is going to help ensure that you don’t get too low or, worse, completely run out as a storm is approaching and the temperatures are dropping. We recommend keeping your tank at least 30% full at all times. Pioneer Oil and Propane can always keep track of your propane supply for you through our Tank Utility remote wireless propane tank monitors.
  4. Check your carbon monoxide detectors – Winter storm or no winter storm, you want to be sure that you have carbon monoxide detectors in your home and that they’re working properly. The devices should be installed outside of all the bedrooms in your house, tested once a month and replaced every five years.
  5. Properly use your appliances – When it comes to propane-powered appliances it’s important to follow the safety instructions and know exactly how to use them. It’s also important to know where to use them. For example, portable generators and appliances that are made for outside use like grills should never be used inside. You should also never use your propane-fueled stove as a heat source.

Pioneer Oil and Propane offers reliable propane deliveries at fair prices. In fact, we’ve been servicing the Central Massachusetts area for over 60 years. Contact us today to find out why you should choose Pioneer Oil and Propane for your all your propane needs!