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Take Advantage of Pioneer’s Pricing and Payment Plans

Posted: June 22, 2021

payment options massachusettsThe right combination of pricing and payment plans can make such a difference in your home comfort experience. That’s why we make sure to give you a range of options that offer the flexibility you deserve.

We want to make your experience with Pioneer smooth and easy. When it comes to payments and pricing, your convenience is important to us. Pioneer’s three pricing plans give our propane and heating oil customers a clear sense of what to expect from their bill each month.


If you’d like to purchase your fuel before winter, enroll in our Pre-Buy plan. The price of your fuel will be capped, so it can’t go up, regardless of fluctuations in the market. But if the market price drops, your price will drop as well! Often seen as the best way to save, Pre-Buy works well if you’re interested in paying ahead. (A fee for two-way protection applies to Pre-Buy plans.)

Monthly Smart Pay (Budget)

The Monthly Smart Pay, or Budget, Program enables us to spread your annual fuel bill out over the course of a year. You can also incorporate your service plan cost into this payment schedule. You don’t pay for more fuel than you receive. This is helpful to people who would like to avoid a big hike in their expenses every winter. When you stay on schedule, you will not incur a finance charge.
Customers in the Monthly Smart Pay Program will pay for some fuel prior to your first delivery, and then the final payment will happen after the final delivery.

Monthly Smart Pay (Budget) with Price Cap

You can avoid seeing your bill increase as a result of changes in the market or weather by enrolling in the Monthly Smart Pay Plan with Price Cap. You will not be locked in if the price drops, but our suppliers do add a fee for two-way protection.

Convenient Payment Options Save Time and Eliminate Hassle.

Customer Portal

Use MyFuel Portal to keep up with the services you’re getting, keep up with your account balance, request fuel and let us know when you need service. You just need your account number to log in.

Auto Pay

Sign up for Auto Pay and don’t worry about paying your bill again! We’ll deduct the amount you owe each month from your preferred credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) or your checking account (ACH).

E-Bills (Paperless Billing)

Receive your bills via email, and forget the papers and files for all of your records. We keep your records on file as well, so if you ever have a question, we’ll have the answer. In the meantime, you’ll reduce clutter in your home, save paper and help us cut back on fuel consumption for delivery.

Contact us today with any questions! And learn more about service, installation, fuel delivery and more, all from Pioneer!