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Pricing and Payment Options That Make More Sense Than Ever

A little predictability is a good thing, especially now. Please consider taking advantage of these options.

Use our Smart Pay Budget Plan to even out your fuel payments. We will spread your payments over 11 months, to make the burden easier. You’ll know exactly what your bill will be, and you won’t get surprised by big winter bills. Call to find out what your payment would be.
Add a Price Cap to limit your exposure. Oil prices are low, but next winter may be a different story. You can add a price cap to your “prebuy” or to your Smart Pay Budget Plan. The beauty of a cap is that it prevents prices from rising, but also allows you to pay less if prices continue to fall. Call for details.
Use Auto Pay and E-billing for added convenience. We can charge your credit card for payment, and send your bills by email. Plus, if you switch now, you get a $20 credit on your account.

Customers on these programs report our highest levels of satisfaction. All it takes is a 5-minute call to get details and make things a little easier for yourself this year.