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Payment Options from Pioneer: A Simple Way to Fewer Surprises in 2019/20

Posted: May 6, 2019

Paying bills surprised

In life, some surprises are welcome…and some not so much.

When it comes to paying your propane or heating oil bill, most people want as few surprises as possible, since they usually mean that your bill is higher than you expected.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to make your heating bills more predictable in the year ahead, thanks to convenient services from Pioneer Oil and Propane. Here’s how these options can put your mind at ease in 2019-20:

Smart Pay can be combined with Price Cap to make your payments even more predictable – or with Auto Pay or E-billing to make your bill paying experience more convenient (and less wasteful) than ever before.

Of course you can always Prebuy your fuel (at pre-season prices, including a 10-cent per gallon discount) or pay market price if you prefer – the choice is always yours when you become a Pioneer Oil and Propane customer.

Enrollment for our Pioneer Pricing Plans kicks off in June, so be ready! Contact us today to talk about which plan might be right for you.

* There is a fee charged by our suppliers for this two-way protection. Contact us for details.