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Our Commitment to High Quality Fuel

Pioneer's commitment to high quality fuel

Recent media coverage has talked about heating systems shutting down because a fuel supplier delivered heating oil with a blend of biodiesel that was much higher than heating systems could handle.

At Pioneer, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality fuel to our customers. That’s why we strongly supported the statewide transition to ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, which went into effect last summer.

While Bioheat® has made big inroads in Massachusetts, we have not yet made an investment in this fuel. Until we are 100% confident that our customers will never experience any fuel-related problems, we will not be introducing this fuel for delivery.

At Pioneer Oil and Propane, we are committed to quality, in fact, we guarantee it.

If you get your heating fuel from us, you can rest easy knowing we are delivering only the highest quality ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and will not run into the issues of extreme biodiesel blending.