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One Simple Thing You Can Do to Help Us with Your Heating Oil Deliveries

Posted: February 7, 2017

Snow blower driveway

Pioneer works hard every day to keep your family warm and safe throughout the winter. But sometimes the weather makes that difficult – and during those times, there is one simple thing you can do to help us keep the heating oil deliveries coming and to keep our drivers and delivery teams safe:

Keep your driveway clear.

One of most difficult parts of getting a supply of heating oil to your fill pipe is positioning our trucks on steep driveways. That’s because safety regulations prohibit us from parking an oil truck on an incline unless it is free of snow and ice, and unless we can safely apply wheel chocks (the wedges you put under tires so the truck doesn’t roll back).

The bottom line: if your driveway isn’t clear, our drivers can’t make a delivery – and neither of us wants that!

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