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Not All Bioheat® Is Created Equal…

Posted: November 7, 2019

Bioheat massachusetts

Massachusetts is national leader in the quest to use more climate-friendly home fuels, including biodiesel-blended Bioheat® – a heating fuel made from a combination of ULSHO and a biodegradable organic material that is now required for all heating oil deliveries in The Bay State.

But did you know that not all Bioheat is created equal?

Although all heating oil sold in MA must be Bioheat, the percentage of biodiesel that the fuel contains can vary among suppliers by as much as 20 percent.

We’ll explain.

You may have noticed that all Bioheat sold is designated with a “B” number, which indicates the amount of biodiesel contained in the fuel. For example, a five percent blend of biodiesel is called “B5,” a 10 percent blend is called B10, etc. Massachusetts requires a minimum biodiesel content of five percent in all heating oil sold; the highest blend currently available is B25.

Here’s the problem: not all suppliers disclose their B number unless you ask for it – instead, they will simply call their fuel “Bioheat,” hoping you won’t know the difference.

But there is a difference: for example, the environmental benefits of Bioheat will drop as the percentage drops – a lower B number means less benefit. Your equipment will also pay the price, since fuel with higher biofuel content will leave fewer deposits on your heating equipment, which means a longer life for your furnace or boiler.

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