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No Ductwork? No Problem: Upgrade Your Window A/Cs with a Ductless System

Posted: May 11, 2017

Ductless A/C system

If your home lacks a duct system (if you have baseboard heating, it more than likely does), you probably opt for window air conditioners to cool it off in the summer. But there is a much better cooling solution for your Massachusetts home: a ductless mini-split cooling system.

Ductless systems are better in almost every way than ugly, noisy, and less efficient window units, and much cheaper to install than adding ductwork to your home.

Compared to traditional cooling systems, ductless systems are:

  1. Cheaper to run – Ductless systems typically have ratings three or more SEER points higher than window units – and with the ability to create “zones” in your home, you can control your cold air output with targeted precision.
  2. Easier to customize – Air handlers (the indoor component of a mini-split system) come in numerous sizes and can mount just about anywhere where there’s access to an external wall – even in rooms with no windows.
  3. Easier to install – Air handlers connect via small pipes to the outdoor condenser unit, so you only need one or two small (3”) holes in your wall to install a system (you can even assign multiple air handlers to a single condenser unit). Our technicians can often install a ductless system in a single day…and you’ll never have to drag a window unit out of the basement or attic again.
  4. Healthier – Temperature swings and condensation buildup in ductwork make it a perfect breeding ground for mold and other microorganisms. No ducts means you’ll have healthier indoor air.
  5. Better for the planet – Efficient ductless systems use less electricity – and they cool your indoor air with a more eco-friendly refrigerant called R410A.
  6. Better for your soul – Say goodbye to light- and view-blocking window A/Cs and welcome back sunshine to your living space!

Contact Pioneer today to explore ductless system options for your Massachusetts home – and don’t forget to ask about Mass Save incentives for high efficiency A/C models!