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Do You Need A New Air Filter?

Posted: February 8, 2021

new air filter massachusettsWhether you have a propane furnace or heating oil furnace, the heating system in your Massachusetts home works hard to keep you and your family warm—especially now. Making sure your furnace has a clean air filter is the easiest way to keep your furnace running smoothly. The air filter keeps hair, dust and other particles out of the air, so you and your family can breathe easy—literally.

For most of the year, you should clean or replace your air filter (depending on whether it is disposable) quarterly. However, when your heat is working its hardest, it will serve you well to check and clean/change it monthly.

How Fresh Air Filters Avoid Big Problems

A dirty air filter will trap heated air, making it impossible for the air to flow through your home. If you change it regularly, your furnace will be much more efficient. If your heating system is working too hard, you will feel the effects immediately.

A clean air filter leads to…

The minimal time investment that goes into changing or cleaning your air filter regularly will help you achieve all of these goals, and more. Don’t forget: a new furnace is a lot more expensive—and time consuming—than a new air filter.

Changing Your Air Filter

If you need assistance changing or cleaning your air filter, please check out your owner’s manual. And of course, you can give us a call anytime and we’ll be glad to help!

Let us know if your home heating system is giving you any trouble. We want to make sure your Massachusetts home keeps you and your family as comfortable as possible in the months to come!