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The Many Gifts of Propane

Posted: December 19, 2016

Stack of gifts

The holiday season is a time for giving gifts. But propane is the energy source that keeps on giving all year long.

In this week’s blog, we celebrate the many gifts that efficient, clean-burning propane can bring to your everyday life, including:

  1. More money in your pocket – Propane-fired furnaces are some of the most efficient heating systems around – far more efficient than electric-powered models. That means you’ll be saving money every hour your heating system runs.
  2. A cozier home – Propane furnaces produce warmer air than heat pumps. And what could be cozier (and more convenient) than having a propane stove or fireplace just a click away?
  3. Unlimited hot water – Propane-fired tankless water heaters warm water instantly as you need it. The benefit to you? Longer, hotter showers.
  4. An extra room – Your outdoor space can quickly become everyone’s favorite gathering spot with a little help from propane. From grills and fire pits to pool and space heaters, you’ll have everything you need.
  5. Better food – Most chefs prefer cooking with the precision heat of a gas grill. Want to kick your cooking up a notch? Power your indoor range and outdoor grill with propane.
  6. A smaller carbon footprint – Burning propane doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses, so your kids will have cleaner air to breathe for years to come.
  7. Peace of mind – A power outage can be problematic or even dangerous for your family. With a propane-powered backup generator, you’ll be ready to go off the grid whenever you need to.

Discover the many gifts of propane for your own home and family – Contact us today to learn more!