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Four Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted: April 27, 2020

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Life has gotten pretty complicated lately, and with all that you’ve got on your mind, it’s easy to forget simple things: paying your fuel bill, for example, or scheduling a heating oil or propane delivery in central MA. On top of that, social distancing is limiting our ability to run important errands to the bank and post office, which adds to the challenge.

In complicated times like these, we need to find simpler ways to do things.

Fortunately, Pioneer Oil and Propane can ease at least some of your burdens by offering services that will help things run a bit more smoothly in your Worcester-area home.

Four payment services to consider in 2020.

  1. Online account access – Doing business with us has never been easier – just log in to get information about your services, check your account, order fuel, schedule service, and more. Remember to have your account number ready.
  2. Auto Pay – With Auto Pay, you’ll never have to think about paying your bill – or paying late fees – again. We’ll set up your account either through your bank via your bank (ACH) or with your credit card (MC, Visa, Discover).
  3. E-bills (paperless billing) – Say goodbye to bulky physical records – all your bills can be safely stored in email folders (don’t worry – we keep your records on file, so if you ever need them just give us a call). You’ll also help us cut down on paper waste, ink, delivery fuel, and other materials needed to get your bill to you and back to us.
  4. Payment plans – Pioneer payment plans are designed to make buying your heating oil and propane easier.

    Pioneer offers several options for buying your fuel, including:

    • Prebuy with Price Cap, where you purchase your fuel before heating season begins (the price is “capped,” but not locked in – meaning it can go down but not up beyond the cap price);
    • Smart Pay, where your annual heating bill is divided into up to 12 equal payments to bring more predictability to your bill paying (and you pay market price for your fuel); and
    • Smart Pay Plus, which offers you the benefits of Smart Pay with the added peace of mind of Price Cap protection to guard against market price swings.

Of course, a pay as you go option is always available.

Take advantage of convenient services from Pioneer Oil and Propane that will make the rest of 2020 go a little easier. Contact us today to learn more!

Please note: At Pioneer Oil & Propane, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our COVID-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep your family and our crews safe and your home comfort services coming as we navigate this challenging time in Worcester County, MA.