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Looking Back at Winter 2017-18

Posted: April 23, 2018

Winter and Spring landscape

We’re well into spring here in Massachusetts – according to the calendar, anyway – but when you’re coming out of a winter like we just had, the memory of it lingers longer than usual. Before we cheerfully put winter 2017-18 completely in our rearview, it pays to look at some things we’ve learned so we can have an easier time of it when winter inevitably comes back our way.

Three lessons learned in winter 2017-18
You can sum up the winter of 2017-18 in three words: anything can happen. Extreme and sudden temperature swings were the norm, as was severe weather – four Nor’easters in the end of winter, including one on the first day of spring, being the most obvious example of this reality.

The answer to coping with “anything can happen” weather is, of course, to be ready for anything – which in the case of a heating system starts with never skipping annual service. Rollercoaster weather can really tax a heating system, which must somehow keep your family cozy in the midst of 30-degree temperature swings and howling windstorms. To be ready for that kind of workout, your furnace or boiler needs to be on top of its game – otherwise your family might be huddling for warmth as you wait for emergency service on the coldest night of the year.

Another reason for that unexpected huddle-fest in your living room could be an emergency fuel run-out. We saw a number of those in early 2018, when record-low temperatures gripped New England for several challenging weeks. Most of those emergencies happened with our will-call customers, who had to wait their turn for a heating oil or propane delivery. Our automatic delivery customers, on the other hand, got priority service for any problems they encountered. That peace of mind makes signing up for FREE automatic delivery our second lesson of winter 2017-18.

The third lesson? When it comes to replacing your heating system, know when to fold ‘em. Eventually (some time after 10 years, on average), upgrading your home heating equipment makes more sense than repairing it – especially when you consider how today’s systems are, and how incentives available from manufacturers and energy programs can make them more affordable. When the time comes to replace your heating equipment, don’t hesitate: make the switch, preferably before winter is in full swing, and before your furnace or boiler kicks the bucket when you need it most (hint: spring is a GREAT time to upgrade your heating system – contact us for a FREE, no obligation estimate).

Three lessons learned, three ways to make next winter a little easier for you and your family. For other ways to take the stress out of winter, give us a call – we’re happy to help.

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