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Is Your Central Air Doing Its Job?

Pioneer Oil and Propane helps keep your central air conditioning system running smoothly!

central air service Charlton, ma How are you liking the Central Massachusetts summer so far?

If your home’s central air conditioning system is operating properly, you’ve probably gotten through the hot, muggy days reasonably well. If it’s not performing up to par, you may be worried about not only yours and your family’s comfort, but your energy bills as well as an underperforming A/C uses more energy in trying to do its job.

The performance and efficiency of your home’s central air conditioning system are two reasons why an annual maintenance tune-up from the professionals at Pioneer Oil and Propane is essential. Even though we’re halfway through summer now, it’s not too late to get a tune-up so your central A/C operates better while cutting your energy costs.

Signs your central A/C needs service

Is your central air conditioning system showing any of these issues? Contact us right away for a service call.

Warm air or not enough air – Is the air coming from your vents warm? This is likely due to low refrigerant or a compressor issue with the A/C. Additionally, if there is not enough air flowing from the vents, this may also indicate a compressor problem.

Smelly air – If you detect a smell of burning that is electrical and hot, it can mean that the wire insulation in your air conditioning system has burnt out. Have you noticed a damp, musty odor emanating from the air blowing out of your air conditioning system? That could indicate the presence of mold in the ductwork.

The A/C system cycles on and off frequently – Is your central air conditioning system turning and off for short periods of time during the day? If so, it could be due to a faulty thermostat or having an incorrectly sized air conditioning system for your home.

Odd sounds coming from the air conditioning system – If you hear squealing, grinding or scraping noises coming from your air conditioner while it’s running, it could signal a loose or worn-out part. It’s important not to delay servicing the system, as it could lead to more costly repairs down the line.

Pioneer service plans: A great investment!

Every Pioneer Oil and Propane Easy Comfort Plan includes a yearly maintenance tune-up for your central air conditioning. This helps enhance its performance and efficiency and ultimately reduces your energy bills.

Our service technicians, who are trained and experienced, perform a thorough inspection of your central A/C to not only detect but also fix problems, so that they don’t worsen, and you can avoid unexpected break-downs and repair expenses.

The Easy Comfort Plans also offer discounts on repair services which can help you save money. Opting for the Pioneer Oil and Propane Easy Comfort Plan and making use of the available discounts, you can save a considerable amount of money on maintenance and repair services. With the national average cost of repairing a central air conditioning unit standing at roughly $400, enrolling in this plan can prove to be cost-effective as the money saved from just one service call could end up paying for the cost of the plan!

The Pioneer Oil and Propane Easy Comfort Plans offer several benefits, including round-the-clock emergency assistance and priority service. So, in case your central air conditioning system stops working, you can get it repaired promptly so your home is cool and comfortable again fast.

It’s never too late to get your central air conditioner serviced! Contact Pioneer Oil & Propane today to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our service plans!