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Is Ductless Cooling Right for Your Home?

Posted: May 22, 2023

Get cool comfort with Pioneer Oil and Propane!

mini split installation Worcester, ma With a warm summer predicted for Central Massachusetts, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.

If you use a boiler for home heating, you likely do not have the ductwork in your home required for central air conditioning. Adding that ductwork can add thousands of dollars to the cost of adding central A/C to your home.

For many years, that left homeowners without ductwork stuck between two not-so-great options. Either shell out big bucks for the ductwork and central air conditioning or stick with window air conditioning units that may seem more affordable but provide many disadvantages.

You have a better option than those two with ductless mini-split installation and service from Pioneer Oil and Propane!

How do ductless mini-splits work?

The ductless cooling system consists of two components: the outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler, which is also known as the evaporator. These components are connected through tubing that contains power lines, communications lines, and condensate drain lines.

The compressor functions by compressing the refrigerant vapor to facilitate its movement into the condenser. In the condenser, the gas releases heat to the surrounding air and returns to its liquid state. The liquid goes through an expansion valve, which causes a significant decrease in pressure. Then it enters the evaporator coil where it absorbs heat from the low-pressure coolants, while indoor air passes over the same coils. As a result, the air gets cooler and then exits the supply registers and cools your home.

Advantages of ductless mini-splits

Ductless mini-splits are a cost-effective option when it comes to cooling your home and provide advantages beyond not having to install ductwork. Here are some of them.

Get fast installation – Most of the time, ductless mini-splits can be installed in less than a day. If you need to install ductwork for central A/C, that process can take days.

Zone your cooling – Why cool your whole house if you’re only using part of it? You can get zoned cooling with ductless mini-splits, helping to cut your energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

Expand your cooled space – A ductless system can reach areas beyond living spaces in your home such as workshops, garages, guest houses, pool houses, gardening sheds, over-the-garage apartments, she-sheds, and other accessory dwelling units.

Supplement your central A/C – Have you added space to your home such as a finished attic or home addition since your central air conditioning was installed. A ductless mini-split can cool those spaces and reduce strain on your central A/C.

Get a longer life expectancy – Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of a mini-split system to more than 20 years, which is significantly longer compared to central A/C equipment.

Disadvantages of window air conditioning units

Homeowners who use window air conditioning units struggle with a frustrating decision annually. They must decide whether to leave them installed during the winter months, risking heat loss, or go through the difficult task of lifting them in and out of storage. If you do it yourself, it’s a hassle and potentially hazardous doing it on windows above the ground floor. If you need to hire someone, that can cost hundreds of dollars a year.

And that’s just the beginning of why window A/C units aren’t a great choice. They are very inefficient and not good at cooling larger spaces. They can be very noisy. Moreover, if installed on the ground floor, it can provide burglars with an easier point of entry. They also obstruct light and allow bugs, pollen, dust, and dirt from outside to get into your home.

Pioneer Oil and Propane’s ductless mini-splits are a great way to keep your home comfortable all summer long! Contact us today to get started.