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Is Your House Thermostat Bad?

Posted: September 30, 2019

Bad thermostat massachusetts

Your central heating system is the brain of the heating system in your Massachusetts home, controlling the way your furnace or boiler work and sensing your indoor environment to keep it at a comfortable temperature for you.

But just like any mechanical device, your thermostat won’t last forever – and when it falters or fails, your whole heating system won’t work properly, either.

Warning signs of a broken thermostat

How can you tell if your house thermostat is bad? Here are four common signs:

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it could be time for a new thermostat. To find out for sure, contact us – our expert heating technicians will diagnose the issue and either repair your thermostat or suggest replacement options that fit your lifestyle and budget.

A thermostat install is not a DIY job!

It could be tempting to try to fix or replace a problem thermostat yourself, but remember: today’s thermostats are advanced electronic devices that integrate directly with your equally high-tech furnace and boiler. Your problem may have little to do with your thermostat at all – only an experienced, trained heating professional will know for sure.

Think you have a problem thermostat in your Worcester-area home? Contact the pros at Pioneer Oil and Propane today to find out for sure. Our experts will assess the problem, and if you need a new thermostat we’ll make recommendations for a model that suits your system and meets your budget.