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Heating Tune-Ups: How Often Do You Need One?

Posted: January 18, 2021

heating service massachusettsAs a homeowner, you know how important proper furnace care is, and that includes routine heating service. The best way to keep your furnace in tip-top shape is to stay on top of inspections and tune-ups. This means you should be sure to have your system tuned up annually—even if it’s running just fine.

When you get a tune-up, our technicians can let you know about potential problems that could lead to safety concerns later. It’s much easier—and cheaper—to address minor issues than it is to wait until you’re in need of a major repair or unexpected upgrade.

Service Plans

With a Pioneer Oil and Propane Efficiency Comfort or Secure Comfort Plan for your heating oil system, or an Easy Comfort Plan for your propane system, priority service is guaranteed. With our heating oil plans, your annual tune-up is also built in.

The Best Time For Heating Maintenance

The best-case scenario for tune-up timing is before heating season, but it’s most important to make sure your tune-up happens every year, even if it’s off season. Tune-ups don’t wear out, so a tune-up that happens after heating season will “last” for the start of the next heating season. (Even so, we still suggest getting your tune-up before the season begins if you can.)

When Pioneer’s technicians come to inspect your system, they’ll let you know if specific repairs are in order or if you need to consider an upgrade to a new, high-efficiency system. If that’s the case, they’ll answer your questions and help you select your upgrade, which Pioneer can install for you as well. A new system efficiency will lead to less expensive heating bills, and an overall improved experience for you and your family!

Full Heating Service Report

When you’re a Pioneer customer with a service plan, your tune-up will come complete with a report of several heating system assessments. Here’s a look at what that includes:

Your tune-up and annual inspection are critical to the health of the heating system in your Central Massachusetts home. Contact Pioneer today to schedule your appointment!