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Give Your Heating System the Summertime Attention It Deserves

Posted: July 14, 2021

heating tune-up massachusettsOver the summer, many people ignore their heating systems, but the reality is that now is a great time to pay attention to your furnace or boiler. This way, when the weather gets cold, your system will be in tip-top shape and able to handle the elements—and keep you comfortable—smoothly and efficiently.

Follow these suggestions to keep your furnace or boiler properly cared for during these warmer Massachusetts months.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Annual maintenance should be a given—so much so that it’s even included as part of our service plans. Summer is a great time to set up your appointment, as we are not dealing with no-heat emergencies and it’s a bit easier for us to get one of our reliable technicians to your home. A summer tune-up also gives you time to address any bigger issues that the technician identifies. If you need a major repair or even an upgrade, you’ll have plenty of time to take care of it, and if you don’t, your tune-up will not “wear off” before winter.

Keep Up with Your Air Filters

Air filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Depending on what kind you have and what other air-quality factors you need to consider for your home (pets, allergies, etc.) you may need to clean or replace your air filter monthly or every other month rather than the usual frequency, which is quarterly.

Remove Soot and Scale

Soot and scale are an inevitable part of having a furnace or boiler in your Massachusetts home. Scale is made of flakes of rust and minerals that come out of carbon dioxide combining with water vapor, while soot is a black carbon deposit with a powdery texture and consistency.

Buildup of either or both will cut your system’s efficiency down, which can result in a breakdown. And that’s not all: soot can actually create a fire hazard or carbon monoxide issues if it’s neglected. If you have soot or scale buildup that needs to be removed, please contact us for service as soon as possible.

Fill Up Your Tank

A full tank in the summer means a good start to the winter. Condensation in the heat leads to corrosion and harmful bacteria. Keeping your tank full will prevent corrosion. In addition, prices will likely be better while demand is down. Filling up during the summer months will take care of both of these issues for you!

Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery with Pioneer and enroll in a service plan today! You can contact us anytime and someone from our reliable team will get right back to you!